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NBMC an Octagon Empire Co. first launched its RSS News and Event Feeds. Now, NBMC has followed up with live and on the spot, Internet based, television and radio shows. This new format allows you to get automatic news & event updates from NBMC any where you access the Internet, including hand-held wireless Web enabled phones and Pocket Computers. This is not e-mail, so you never have any more e-mail clutter, spam or virus worries. Just look for the buttons and info on our pages.

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now brings you news & event shows via PodCasting. PodCasting allows video and or audio to be fed directly to any Web enabled cell phone, device or computer...

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Salem-Keizer, Oregon
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Shelby, Montana
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Conrad, Montana

Cut Bank, Montana

Valier, Montana

Great Falls, Montana
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Carson City/Tahoe, Nevada

Phoenix, Arizona
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